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YuppTV on Yahoo Widgets

YuppTV on Yahoo Widgets
Watch High Quality and Buffer free
VODs of Indian TV channels with
YuppTV Widgets

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* If you have already subscribed for a YuppTV package in PC mode, 
Please contact Chat Support to activate / upgrade it to watch it with Yahoo Widget.
YuppTV Widget has been developed to deliver High Quality, On Demand Indian Television channels on to your Samsung, Toshiba and Sony television sets. YuppTV provides instant information, News awareness and non-stop entertainment anytime and anywhere.
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Downloading YuppTV Widget
Follow the simple steps to Watch VODs of Indian TV channels with YuppTV Widgets
1) Select HOME on your remote
2) Select WIDGETS from the menu at the bottom of the screen
3) Pick YAHOO WIDGET GALLERY from widget profile submenu, available to the right of your screen
4) Select WIDGET GALLERY to download YuppTV Widget and Add Widget to MY PROFILE
5) The downloaded YuppTV Widget is shown in the Widget Profile
6) Select the YuppTV Widget from the top right corner of the screen
7) Choose the language that you want to watch
8) The packages that are available under the language you have selected, are displayed
9) Once you click on your subscribed package, it will ask you your YuppTV login id and password. Please enter the details and enjoy the channels VODs (Your username and password are retained on your device as long as you do not logout of the Widget)
10) If you are a new subscriber, log on to and subscribe for your favourite package and watch on demand channels with Yahoo Widgets

For any suggestions or queries, our Customer Support team is all geared up in assisting you.